daria on the cover for vogue paris 2011 calendar


(grandmas vintage hat, topshop mix vest, shorts, thigh high boots and studded bracelet, great- grandpas military medal, aunts leather and suede gillet, uknown net tights)

studded bag

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SnoAddicts (topshop 2011)

Whoever is Surf Addict, is most likely to be snow addict as well, either snowboard or ski. That's why Topshop has created a collection, a few years ago, with snow garments. I bought my snowboard uniform 3 years ago from topshop London but last year the collection was not launched. This years collection is finally out NOW! You can buy your fav pieces online or in stores.


They started their acting career when they were 6 months on the tv series "Full House". I was too young then so I started being a big fan since they were teenagers from the "so little time" series, which was on the Ktv channel in Greece. Of course I've watched all their movies and then my fav became "New York Minute". That's because my all time fav band was also staring, Simple Plan. Despite the fact that they are two of the richest people in the world, they also run their own fashion line and there is no need to talk about their style. They are the absolute "style icons".

military medal

Everytime I visit my grandma, which is very often as she lives downstairs, I always return home with a vintage treasure. She used to be very fashionable and wanted to wear stuff that didn't exist in Greece. She succeeded that by travelling a lot. This time though the treasure was not hers exactly. It was of a great grandfather's of mine that my grandma was wearing when she was young.

(topshop tee, faux leather pants and bag, office boots, grandmas vintage sunglasses, great grandpa's military medal, mums vintage bracelets and watch, rings from topshop, mums vintage and asos)

Nadia Froufrouu for SurfAddictFashionista

Well, Nadia is one of my latest style crushes. I am totally in love with her spindly silhouette, her hats, her long jackets, her man-like pants and her sunglasses. I am so glad I found her profile on facebook. I send her a message the other day and, to say the truth, I wasn't expecting an answer. Conversely she msg me back and she was actually very sweet and friendly. Some days after that, I message her again to ask her if she minded to answer a questionaire I created for my dissertation in college. She send me the answers back in no time. And here it is:

Rea: How important do you think is “street style fashion” monitoring within the fashion industry?

Nadia Froufrouu:
I think street style grounds a potentially unrealistic, authoritarian fashion world. A monitoring of the phenomenon proffers a tangible slant on trends -particularly important during forecasting.

Rea: Which are your favorite street style sites and blogs?

Nadia Froufrouu:
Streetstyle: Facehunter, The Streethearts, Vanessa Jackman
Blogs: Anwho, Amlul.

Rea: Describe your personal style.

Nadia Froufrouu:
A mishmash of vintage and man chic.

Let's check out her style:

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