Since I was very little, we used to go with my parents in England for vacation very often, as my cousin was studying there. At around 2003 I got these furry boots. They were so in fashion back then and very warm for Englands temperature as well. A couple of years ago I was ready to throw them away, as I wasn't wearing them anymore, but luckily I didn't. Now they're back in fashion and I feel so happy to have them. That's what happened with this pink faux fur. My grandparents bought it some years ago as a Christmas present and as I wasn't wearing it I wanted to give it away. As you can see I didn't!

(zara long shirt, topshop leggings, extreme pink faux fur, fringy bag from a random shop in Athens, furry boots from London, vintage jewelry)


(Topshop jacket and studded pants, zara shirt, grandmas vintage necklace, mums booties, Loewe bag)

It's the most magical time of the year, Merry Christmas!

I am soo soo happy my babies are here! Today we had a big family gathering at my grandmas house and then took some pictures under the christmas tree. 
***I feel magical***
Me and Marisse

our Christmas tree

Marissaki and I next to the fireplace

Christmas day outfit


My cousin has finaly arrived with her sweetest babies ever and I am SUPER DUPER excited. 
Christmas has officially started for me! 
(pictures of our first day together coming soon)


I am a huge fan of mania mania and the second I saw Abbey Lee modeling for it, I just fell in love with all the pieces. That means I'll have to buy something from the collection soon :)

OMG Bambi



I feel lucky enough that both my grandmothers had already taken care of my closet. I have a collection of 5-6 vintage fur pieces so I'm ready for the "heavy winter" in Greece. This time the vintage treasure is my grandmas fur coat. It's the first time I wear it and even though I had a bad hair day, I really wanted to post these pictures! xx

(grandmas fur coat and paisley shirt, topshop cashmere mix vest and skinny jeans, zara boots, grandmas vintage rings and bracelets)

the "IsabelMarantFur"

In love with this fur for a long time now... I need it!


Surf is an addiction, a passion, a way of living. Surfers are trying to find surf spots all the time, maybe old ones, maybe new ones. It makes me very happy when I find people who have the same intrests as me. One of them is oracle fox. I found her blog recently via studdedhearts and since then I'm so obssesed with it. It's such a great source of inspiration! Another surfer and fashion model is a friend of mine, Effie Vr. We used to go to school together and she was the first person to go surfing with in 2005. I collected these pictures as an inspiration source. I hope it will inspire you as well!

(pictures via oraclefox, effievr fb, mixed with personal)
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