Nicole Richie at Selfridges

Nicole Richie launched her clothing line "Winter
Kate" at Selfridges on Friday 26th
February. She arrived at 6 in the afternoon and left
at 7. Stylish as always, in a boho look and her quite new
hairstyle, she signed autographs and got some pictures
with her fans.

I wish I was there that afternoon but i wasn't. My friend though
was. Here is an exclusive video that my friend Kayleigh
Doughty shoot with her camera. She found out about Nicole
being at Selfridges 2 hours before the event so she had to run to get
there on time. However she managed to grab her camera and
shoot that video. Many many thanks to my friend. I'm so jealous. I
 wish I was there with her.

Trend alert: Inside-out S/S 2010

You have beautiful lingerie that no one ever sees? It's the perfect
time to wear your cute bra or corset-style bra so everyone
can admire it. You can either let it show off a bit when you wear
it under your clothes, or you can wear it like a seperate clothing piece.
Both ways are fashionable at the moment so let yourself free!

Under Her Spell

Natalia Vodianova photographed by Nick Knight for february's
2010 British Vogue. A great photoshoot with dreamy colours
combined with black and white backround. The structure of the page
generally, the shadows that are created, the branches and the
feathers lead to a perfect result making the whole photoshoot look
charming and dreamy like the colours that are used.

Unique on the runway

 Topshop's unique show with the moto 'Be Prepared'
was an amazing show. The woody backround and
the animal-style models made the show very special.
The fur, the knitted socks, the mini skirts and the
shorts with the warm colors like brown, blue and white were
great combinations and perfect for fall/winter 2010.



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