Nicole Richie at Selfridges

Nicole Richie launched her clothing line "Winter
Kate" at Selfridges on Friday 26th
February. She arrived at 6 in the afternoon and left
at 7. Stylish as always, in a boho look and her quite new
hairstyle, she signed autographs and got some pictures
with her fans.

I wish I was there that afternoon but i wasn't. My friend though
was. Here is an exclusive video that my friend Kayleigh
Doughty shoot with her camera. She found out about Nicole
being at Selfridges 2 hours before the event so she had to run to get
there on time. However she managed to grab her camera and
shoot that video. Many many thanks to my friend. I'm so jealous. I
 wish I was there with her.

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  1. LOL, the first thing i did was grab that book! The truth about diamonds - it was when i brought that book was when i badly wanted to meet her. But i finally did and it was worth the wait she was so sweet!


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