maxi and denim

Thank you all for your comments on my previous post, I had a lovely time with my family indeed! As you saw only the close-up photos and not my complete outfit, I had a photoshoot with my cousin and this is what I wore on that special day! As spring is almost here I thought of wearing something that matches this time of the year. 
Hope you all had an amazing easter, as well, and spend it with your lovable ones! xx

(wrangler denim jacket, unknown maxi dress, topshop studded boots, grandmas vintage hat, sunglasses and jewelry)

meet my family... easter 2011

It's easter and it's the second time of the year that the whole family gathers together (the first is Christmas). Uncles, aunts, cousins, friends, grandmothers and my grandpa meet at my house to eat and have fun! 
My family RULES, let me introduce them...
my cousin Penny and I

my Grandmother

my mum

with my cousin George

my dad

with my cousin Penny

my cousins Penny and George

with my cousins Mike and Penny

my friends Kiriakos and John

with my grandpa

my dad

my uncle Vlassis and my aunt Mari

my aunt Leika

greek "giros"

dad drinking beer

daddy cool

my uncle drinking beer

My cousin George and I
photos by: my cousin Mike Rompokos

that's the reason I haven't posted anything in the last couple of days...

Do you remember Marisse? Well, if you don't let me explain to you. She is my cousin that lives in England that I get to see her 2-3 times a year but I love her sooo much. On September her baby sister was born, who will be christenised next Saturday and I am going to be her godmother! They arrived with their parents from england on wednesday and since they're staying in Greece for just two weeks, I am with them ALL the time!
Happy Easter everyone and have fun if you're on vacation! xx

white leather

I have this leather jacket since I was 14. My grandparents brought it for me from Turkey as a present, though it used to be quite big for me then, but now I think it's just the right time to wear it. I was so inspired by Balmain's white leather jackets that I tried to borrow some elements, like the studs, the safety pins and the red details. I hope you like it! xx


(old leather jacket from turkey with a personal touch of studs, safety pins and red leather, topshop shirt, zara jeans,silvia rossini shoes, rayban sunglasses, loewe bag)
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