white leather

I have this leather jacket since I was 14. My grandparents brought it for me from Turkey as a present, though it used to be quite big for me then, but now I think it's just the right time to wear it. I was so inspired by Balmain's white leather jackets that I tried to borrow some elements, like the studs, the safety pins and the red details. I hope you like it! xx


(old leather jacket from turkey with a personal touch of studs, safety pins and red leather, topshop shirt, zara jeans,silvia rossini shoes, rayban sunglasses, loewe bag)


  1. really cool, I think you have always the most rockin' outfits with that 70's touch!

  2. I love what you did with the jacket! Sweet safety pins, I think you transformed it in an awesome way!

    --Megan//The Martian Tide

  3. Love the outfit, love the DIYing on the jacket! You always look so cool :)

  4. The jacket is great! I have saved so many pieces from when I was young and I love pulling them out and re-inventing. Looks good!

  5. beautiful blog ;) I'll follow too


  6. I love your jacket! It gives your outfit such a unique style!
    Great blog :)

    Emi P.


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