grandpas denim

The sun was shinning in Greece the last couple of days, except from today that it started rainning :( Anyway, this was yesterdays outfit, where the weather was still hot. We went to take pictures at a special and secret spot that I hope you like!


(grandpas levi's denim shirt, topshop mix vest, zara leather shorts, office boots, grandmas/mums vintage jewelry)


  1. I love this post ! Your photos are so beautiful !

    Great outfit too !

    See you soon, I love your blog !


  2. really a nice outfit with a touch of 90s grunge! well done!

    xx viviane

  3. Great look! It feels so easy!

  4. Hey ! of course i saw your comment yesterday ! thanks for the quick answer ! So i edited my post about you, adding a link to your blog ;) and i am seeing right now that you put a screenshot of my post of you on the right side of your blog, cool ! thanks!
    I like this photo shooting by the way, i want a jean shirt like yours :) you are gorgeous!


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