Ciao Venice!

This lookbook is such an inspiration to me! I love these 70's style hats, the skirts, the ponchos and generally venice!

MK out and about

When I found this picture on olsensanonymous I read other comments, where people were gossiping on the wet hair and why she carries so many bags. I find this very annoying. I'm such a big fan of MK and Ashley that I don't really care about their hair or why she carries so many bags, I like their style. She's not at a photoshoot, she's just out somewhere, maybe carrying stuff from one place to another and wanted to look stylish, who knows? She probably has her own reasons for doing so. Do you always look perfect when you're out? I don't think so. I just love her style and her colourful shirt!

new hair color

I've be thinking about dyeing my hair for over a month and suddenly, while I was about to take a shower after the gym, it hit me. I called the hairsalon the moment after and rushed into the hairdressers. I got a problem, if I don't decide something right away I regret it a few hours later. So that was it!
(h&m shirt, zara jean shorts, steve madden sandals, marc jacobs bag, topshop ring, YSL ring)

deep orange

I bought that dress for my uni's fashion show but I end up not wearing it. I've see that color a lot lately, even Anna Dello Russo wore an YSL dress in that color during couture week, so I decided to wear it! I chose black accessories with gold details and simple shoes to make a lottle contrast. Hope you agree with my choice!
(pull and bear dress, rayban sunnies, friis and company belt, vintage jewelry, YSL ring, vintage bag)

photos by Effie Themelis


I first saw this amazing lookbook on oraclefox and I am very excited to find this store. It has exactly the kind of clothing I like. I doubt they deliver stuff worldwide, but thank God one of my aunts lives in NZ :D
(via minkpink)

girls with attitude

These are a bunch of pictures from my "inspiration" file that I've been collecting for quite some time and I think it's time to show you some of them! Maybe they'll inspire you as well! xx
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