Well what can I say... First of all I'm obsessed with Balmain. I generally believe that I should have been born in a different era, even the 60's or the 80's. That's because I adore DISCO and Rock music, the hippie look and I own an old VW beetle. Surf, travelling and fashion are my passions. Sharks and cockroaches are my greatest fears and clubbing is not really my style. I don't like dark chocolate and I hate LIARS.

-I don't drink neither coffee, nor alcohol
-I don't smoke
- I'm not a party animal
-I love DISCO
-LA is my dream place
-I surf, w-surf and snowboard
-I love my family
-I hate oranges
-I love strawberries and cherries
-I'm in love with my cat
-I see fashion in everything
-Simple Plan is my favourite band EVER
-Some other all time favourite bands are Guns n roses, Bon Jovi and Beach Boys
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