angelos frentzos ft. versace for h&m

These versace  for h&m accessories, the lace-up booties and the spiky ring are my latest purchaces from when I was in London. I had so much fun shopping and wandering around my favourite city. I think the feathered sleeveless woolen dress fitted perfectly with the h&m belt. 
What do you think?
(Angelos Frentzos feather wool dress, versace for h&m belt and bracelet, zara bag, aldo lace up booties, topshop studded ring, chanel sunglasses)

silky stuff

Wearing one of my fav pieces from the latest Angelos Frentzos collection. At first I thought of wearing it like a dress, but then desided not to, so I chose to wear it with the boots and the jean shorts to make it a bit more casual.

(Angelos Frentzos jacket, zara silk shirt, vintage levis shorts and vintage bag, office black army boots, topshop freedom necklace)

no color

This time I'm not even wearing a splash of color in my outfit, just some pink lipstick, but it doesn't count I guess. New in, my studded necklace along with black version of the "Let's get lost" tee, which  I wore the other day that Christina sent me. I am also wearing this amazing suede vest from Angelos Frentzos, the designer who I'm working at. The second I saw it I knew I had to wear it at least once, so I asked him to borrow it. Btw I had this amazing "personal shopping" experience at topshop with the lovely Neda, a freelance stylish at topshop, oxford circus. I spend more than 4 hours in the store and I am definitely doing it again next time. I also got a couple of things from the versace for h&m collection. A post of those is coming very soon!
(suede vest thnx to angelos frentzos, let's get lost tee thnx to 291venice, topshop faux leather pants, boots and necklace, Marc Jacobs bag, vintage rings)

london baby

I missed London so much! In the morning I went to my friend's nat's house, then I went shopping and I'll leave on friday morning. It's freezing in here as always but wearing this amazing warm fur, doesn't make me feel that bad. I'm also very excited by my latest purchase, these lovely army boots! I was looking for a pair a couple of years now but I found none that I was a big fan of. The specific boots are junky but delicate as well and I had them for 30£ only from office. More pictures coming soon...
(grey tank top thnx to 291venice, bsb faux leather pants, curly fur imports fur, office ankle boots, zara bag, jewelry and rings from topshop, asos and h&m)

new in.heavy metal

Goodmorning to all of you! I haven't told you yet, but I've been spending my last week in England. That's one of the reasons I haven't posted anything yet. I came to see my english family and will go to London as well for a few days. Of course the first thing to do was shopping. I spend hours into topshop and these are some of my fav things I bought, which most of them are studded as you can see. Will definitely make a post very soon, so stay tuned! xx

today 5.11.11

(zara bag, asos sunnies, topshop studded jeans, ugg boots)
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