maxi and denim

Thank you all for your comments on my previous post, I had a lovely time with my family indeed! As you saw only the close-up photos and not my complete outfit, I had a photoshoot with my cousin and this is what I wore on that special day! As spring is almost here I thought of wearing something that matches this time of the year. 
Hope you all had an amazing easter, as well, and spend it with your lovable ones! xx

(wrangler denim jacket, unknown maxi dress, topshop studded boots, grandmas vintage hat, sunglasses and jewelry)


  1. Love this whole outfit! The hat is really good :)

  2. really a beautiful dress, and the rings are matching perfectly with the colours of the dress :) great!

  3. What a beautiful dress.. love the colors!! Nice hat too ;)

    Peace & Love

  4. I'm looking for that kind of dress!! really pretty and your picture/header with the yellow VW is amazing!!!!!!

  5. lovely style
    great rings
    nice post

    would love if you check out my blog

    :) feel free to follow me if you like my work.

    merci, SH

  6. Great style.... Love pic with sunlight in background!

  7. the hat is so beautifully bohemian! i love it and its red too!
    i also like how you rocked up the dress with the ankle high boots!

  8. Gorgeous hat! Love that colour!
    Hope you're enjoying the royal wedding! <3


feel free to comment, they did!

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