Grunge style

Grunge is a music style that comes from heavy metal and punk. You can learn more about different music genres by checking out The first grunge bands were Green River, Mudhoney and Soundgarden and Nirvana later on. Nirvana's music was more melodic and commercial. That was the reason grunge lost many elements from punk and became one of the most popular styles of rock music. Because of the 90's poverty, apathy and alienation and as Nirvana were the main representatives of grunge music, they were also became representatives of the grunge style. Nowadays grunge music is characterized by ripped jeans, wide cardigans and tartan check shirts.


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  1. i really like Taylor Momson's photo, with the ripped jeans and black tee, with the bleeched hair and the heavy makeup, she can totally work it. ahhahah thats what i want my stle of clothing to be more about. haha ;)


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