cousin's birthday

Yesterday was a lovely day! It was my cousins George's birthday (we have the exact same age, with 5 days difference), so part of the family gathered at my grandmothers house to celebrate! He blew off the candles and then we were fooling around taking pictures. After that I spend some time with my friends as well. I had a great time!

me with my cousins, george, fedon, penny and the little george.


fooling around with my cousin penny

(superdry men's checked shirt, topshop cashmere mix vest, zara faux leather shorts, hawaiana flip flops, marc jacobs bag, eye of the tiger ring, vintage jewelry)


  1. Kalimera! :) i found ur blog lookin for daria w surfing! Its so cute and i added it to my favs! Im also a surfer fashionista as well but no waves around here :( hv a look at my blog if u like even if i hv been very very lazy lately in updatin it

    xx pam

  2. cute pics! love ur hair & bag :)


  3. vrika to blog sou mesw tou 'GREEK FASHION BLOGGERS'-wraio styl + blog. tsekare kai to diko mou kai pes mou an thes na ginoume followers ;)

    x athena.


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