day 4 in Paris

My last days in Paris have past by so quickly that I had no time to make a new post. Last night I got back, but I still have some pictures to show you! This is the day I went to the "Issey Miyake" show at the jardin de tuileries. Despite the dust it's one of the best places to have a fashion show as there's a lot of space and it's very beautiful as well. The weather has been amazingly hot and my outfits weren't chosen for that kind of weather, but what could I do!
(topshop dress, heels and rings, zara snake print blazer, rayban sunnies, trussardi bag, assos hat)


  1. love this jacket /shoes/rings
    but but ;jacket is the best ,ı think :)

  2. incredible post!! love the jacket

  3. ahh you look amaze! so jels you were at PFW!! lucky duck xx

  4. You look stunning darling! How'd you get tickets for the show?

    Eda ♥

  5. you really look amazing, your legs are super long here, oh my god! :D


  6. to agapimeno mou outfit sou so far!!!! ti podares ine autes paidi mu? wow klouklara bravo

  7. I absolutely love your outfit!

  8. REALLY LOVE THAT BLAZER! you look so gorgeous! I'm now your follower! Hope we can follow each other! Mary
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  9. oh my God!!!!! you look like a model from the FW!!! love that blazer, everything is so well put together<3

    lucky you, wish i can go one day to the PFW!! must be so exciting!

    about the Mila Kunis comment, is not the first time somebody tells me that to me.. but i can't find the similarities haha

    happy week dear,

  10. Fantastic runway pics, and u look fab in that outfit!!;) Perfect blazer!!!
    Jelena (

  11. i L O V E the zara snake print blazer.
    it's s perfect with the simple dress and hat. x.

  12. glukia mou eisai mia koukla s'autes tis photos...
    teleioooooto leopar zaketaki sou!!


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