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 (topshop tie dye top | maison scotch neon bra | vintage levis studded shorts | isabel marant sneakers | vintage john lennon sunnies | h&m necklace | vintage rings | friendship bracelets)

Hey guys, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I just came back from the beach, which was not the best thing to do today as out of nowhere, it started getting cold and the sun dissappeared. Anyway it's getting better right now and I hope it will stay like that at least for today. 
So this is one of my new buys from my shopping spree at topshop the other day! As I have already told you I'm so into tie dye stuff. Here I matched it with my new h&m necklace, classic levis cut offs and my vintage john lennon sunnies. 
Can't wait for the next days to arrice. In 2 days my beautiful girls Marisse and Zenia are coming from England for vacation, wooohooo, I'm so excited and I just can't hide it! I'm gonna post pictures soon :)

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  1. apo pou pires ta papoutsia?! kai an ta pires apo site! apo poio?!!!! thanks!!!ek twn proterwn

    1. Ta eixa parei to xeimwna apo to zilly edw stin ellada! prepei na exoun ferei k alla tr :)

  2. in love with the neon pink bra!!!

  3. teleio to kolie kai i mplouza!
    thea genikws!!!

  4. Love those sneakers and the tie-dye lovely - looking fabulous

    Eda ♥

    Candyfloss Curls, Cupcakes & Couture

    Twitter @Blogger Eda

  5. such a hip and funky outfit Rea.
    just stumbled across your blog today btw. your blog header is very striking, especially with those round frames. following you now via GFC hun^.^


    Style Hostess

  6. The top is perfect! I love the it looks with the pink bra! Another stunning outfit! Hope the weather gets better soon! I wanna go to the sea too :( Have fun with your friends!

    Many many kisses
    Out Of The Box

  7. look how cool you look babes! still die every time i see you in your IM booties! x

  8. Πολυχρωμο και ωραιο!

  9. teleio mplouzaki kai teleia gyalia!!!genikotera to olo styl!!!!se akolouthw!!!to blog sou einai teleio!!!rikse mia matia kai st diko m!!!!!

  10. This look is amazing!
    Have a wonderful sunday!

    xx Dani



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