how to dress your body shape for the holidays

The holidays are upon us, and once again it's that time of year to start looking for the perfect dress to wow the crowd at all your holiday parties and events. Dress shopping can be a bit of a challenge, especially when there are certain aspects of your body that you'd prefer to either flaunt or hide. However, with the following tips on dressing according to your body shape, you're bound to find the dress that will have all eyes on you this season!

Rectangular body shapes are generally proportionate in the chest, mid-section and bottom areas with no prominent curves or defined waist. Rectangle shapes want to create the illusion of curves and break up their silhouette, which is best done with prints as well as cinched waists, which can create the illusion of curves. Dresses that are embellished both on the top as well as the bottom are flattering on rectangle shapes, as well as A-line skirts.

Apple-shaped women are those that have a bigger chest and mid-section than bottom. When choosing a dress, you'll want to look for something that either draws more attention to your bottom half to balance you out and/or something that flaunts your ample bust. Cocktail dresses with flowing or tulle skirts are perfect if you want to create the illusion of a bigger bottom, and dresses with V-necks are perfect for accentuating cleavage. Wrap dresses also work really well with apple shapes, as they focus attention away from your larger mid-section and more towards your side. 

Pear-shaped women generally have a smaller chest and mid-section and a bigger bottom. Pear shapes look great with dresses that bring more attention to their top-half through either embellishments, a wider neckline and sleeves, or lace and ruffles. If you have an event to go to that requires more formal attire, evening dresses or prom dresses with empire waists look beautiful on pear shapes because they emphasize the chest area while covering the bigger bottom half. 

Women with hourglass figures have one of the most enviable body types, and rightly so! They're easy to dress because they look great in almost anything with a chest and bottom proportionate to each other and a smaller waist. Mini dresses or anything that hugs the body and accentuates their curves looks fantastic on hourglass-shaped women. Dresses with cinched waists also look great on hourglass figures because they draw attention to the smaller waist. 

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