Bloggers Meeting

They are some of the most important bloggers of street style fashion and they're all friends. I think it's very important to share the same interest as your friends. That way you will always have company at fashion shows, you will have a common subject to talk about and you will always have someone to go shopping with! These bloggers are so lucky to now each other...
Susie, rumi, bryan boy, hanneli, elin kling

sandra, carolina

bryan boy, elin kling

andy, rumi

carolina, cocorosa, Vanessa

susie, froufrouu

carolina, rumi

andy, denni

carolina, rumi, ryan

ida, carolina

andy, denni

sandra, carolina

elin kling, ryan, denni

andy, rumi

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  1. Oh how fabulous, you all look so glamourous ♥

    *following your blog*

    Eda ♥


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