My new Litas!!!

10 days ago I ordered these Jeffrey Campbell lita platform boots from solestruck and they are FINALY here!  Even though they' re very very high, they are very comfortable. I must admit they are more comfortable than any other high heels I've ever wore. It is deffinitely a must have for all the fashionistas around the world.

this is the backage they were in when I delivered them from the post office

inside the package

I am SO in love with their box, it's so childish and cute

When I opened the box there were the crosswords answers like they were painted with pencil

I am wearing grandmas MONO vintage paisley shirt, topshop cashmere mix vest, topshop jeans, lita platform boots, rayban aviator sunglasses and vintage rings.

You can find the Jeffrey Campbell lita platforms here.


  1. I still don't know what I'm waiting for to get some...

    See U !

  2. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah!I dont like them as shoes veeeery very much but I definitely want to buy them!If you want to wear these shoes you need great legs!So you can wear them!

  3. hahahah evi you are sooo funny, thnx btw! You girls shouldn't think about it at all they are great, comfortable and not very expensive so... go for them!

  4. litas look great on you!


feel free to comment, they did!

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