"PANIC" is the word to describe what was happening, outside the Jean Paul Gaultier show. I managed to arrive there 15 mins earlier and got the chance to take a picture of the lovely Geraldine Saglio as she was sitting outside Gaultiers atelier. She was actually standing there like any other people, waiting for the "BIG" names to arrive and like noone seemed to recognise her. Anyway I was lucky enough to bump into her and take a picture. Almost the same happened with my favourite Emmanuelle Alt. She was trying to pass through the crowd to get in the show, so I had the chance to shoot her. I really believe I was very lucky because all the other "big" names were going straight into the show and as it was very crowded noone was able to see a thing. And as the beggining of the show was aproaching some protesters against the fur came and started shouting. The only problem was that I was wearing my grandmas vintage real fur...

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  1. Hey, I was there too! It was pretty wild, especially when the protesters came closer to the entrance after the show. so loud!



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