paris sightseeing

I visited Paris with my best friend, who isn't interested in fashion at all. I have visited Paris 3 times in the past so I have visited all the monuments and museums of the town but my friend hasn't. So we dedicated one of our days to Paris sightseeing!

(H&M hat, zara sweater, MONO shirt, vintage versace oversized cardigan, topshop boots and bag, rayban sunglasses, vintage rings)


  1. Great pictures, and great ur blog!
    Hey flower, I'm doing a Vagabond Van Giveaway on my blog. Stop by and enter a chance to win a beautiful scarf and an earring of your choice. Good luck!!

    Peace & Love

  2. ahh when were you in Paris? If you come back we can hang out and I'll take you to all of my favorite places! :)


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