fairy god-mother

During our easter vacation, me and my family had a big and important event to attend. The christening of one of my little cousins, Zenia, whose god-mother was me and another girl! She is my cousin's daughter from England I keep telling you about and Marisse's sister. 
She is the most beautiful baby ever! 
I ADORE her and I miss her and her sister sooo much!
and her name is... Zenia, the sweetest god-daughter I could ever have

with my godfather

Zenia's clothes :)

while we oil her

poor thing

inside the church

my little fairy

with the other god-mother

after the ceremony

spotted: eating desert with my cousin Penny

with my Marisse...

...and with my Zenia

from left to right: my mum, my dad, me, Zenia's dad and mum (my cousin), her grandmother (my aunt) and Zenia's other god-mother Rita.
(dress from a local store, zara shoes, rayban sunglasses) 


  1. You look beautiful and your god daughter is adorable ♥

    *following your blog*

    Eda ♥


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