happy 1st of May

It's a beautiful and sunny day here in Athens, so we got the chance to go and get some flowers! My little cousin and I made this wreath to celebrate the beggining of summer! 
Hope you like it :)

(zara blazer and jeans, blanco shirt, all star shoes)


  1. sooooo cute :) and the colour of your blazer really rocks!

  2. ti oraio stefaniiiiiiiiii!
    your little cousin is sooo cute!!! and you look so stylish and spring-y! in patras it was rainy and i missed out on the flower collecting! zilevo!

  3. You have an adorable little cousin. You're so lucky to be in Athens!! Nice outfit. :)

  4. so many nice pics!lovely little kid :) so cutieeee1i am following your blog dear.follow up if u want :)


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