boat trip again

There we go again! We went to this island I told you about with my family, my cousins from Paris and some friends of ours. This time we had much more fun, we did a lot of diving, played with the ball and had some tanning sessions. We also took many pictures from our diving trials and I created some moving pictures from them :-) 
hope you like them! xx

(marc jacobs mirrored sunnies, oxbow white with colors swimwear, SurfAddictFashionista tie dye swimwear, tavik one piece swimwear)


  1. love your swimwear, you are a very talented designer, my dear :) a shame not living in a country with warm climate and the sea in front of the house

  2. omorfes photo!!!!poli oraioto magio sou!!!;)

  3. love the moving pictures!! AND your bathing suit!! amazing :-) that place looks beautiful


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