boat trip

Remember you guys when I went to Paris for the fashion week, I told you I was staying at my French family's place? Well my cousin Alexandre came from Paris on Friday with his girlfriend Elé and they're staying over at my house! So on Saturday we went with my whole family on a daytrip to a uninhabited island near where I live with my grandfathers boat. My family used to go there during summer a long before I was born and we keep doing that. I love this island! It's a very small one with many natural-made ports that people go with their boats, swim and relax.
me, my mirrored sunnies and my fluo yellow nails :-)
my cousin Alexandre and his girlfriend Elé
Alexandre and my godfather pick up herbs from the uninhabited island
he's a joker hahah
my mun (on the right) with her friend
a friend of ours came over with his boat
we ate this delicious traditional Greek sweet made of sugar and mastic and because we put it in the water while we eat it,
we call it underwater.
my dad
my mum
Beauté Time
my handsome grandpa...
... and my beautiful grandma


  1. this really makes me wanna swim in the sea! I need some vacation urgently ;)

  2. Daxi an piges Fleves klaio, imun k ego ekei to savvato pos dn se eida! xxx

    PS: Ta gyalia su einai katapliktika!

  3. Sto brosta limani etsi opos pas apo vouliagmeni oxi sto piso- simera imun pali k eixa paei sto piso giati eixe poli asximo kairo brosta! Ti symptosi einai auti omos this is surreal!

  4. amazing sunnies
    and funny photos..

  5. This looks so relaxing... Love your nails!

  6. o wow!!!looks like u had a great time!!!i am so jealous\in Leicester was raining all day!!

    u look fab!!xx

  7. Nai re ennoeitai, eidika afou menoume k dipla!! We have tooooons of things to talk about!


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