summer in the u.k

1. (topshop denim jacket | zara top | zara floral shorts | isabel marant sneakers | zara sunnies)
2. (zara shirt and sleeveless blazer | leather pants from vintage store in london | asos handcuffs | unif hellraiser spiked loafers here and here)

I know it's not the best idea to spend my summer vacation here in England, and especially because I live in Greece, the most ideal place for summer, but I think that's the reason it doesn't matter to me that much. I can go to the beach whenever I want and have the same sun every day over and over again. Of course I don't complain, I will never get tired of all this, I love everything that I previously mentioned. But this time specifically I wanted to come here for two reasons. First of all for work, I will tell you everything about it soon, and most importantly, I wanted to surprise my gorgeous baby girl Marisse, cause it was her birthday yesterday. My surprise totally shocked her, she wasn't talking for a few minutes, just smilling! And that's what happening to my life the past few days. 
I'm in London at the moment and will be staying here until Friday, so more pictures from my quick trip here are coming soon!
xx from sunny London :-)

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  1. na peraseis teleia Londino!!!!kai xronia polla se auto to panemorfo koritsaki!!!

  2. exw to idio sortsaki apo ta ZARA einai apla apithano!
    filia, Natasha
    apo to TheFashionPixels

  3. what a cute little baby! love your sunglasses

  4. Marisse is so adorable! No wonder you had to be there for her birthday! Btw love your shorts and loefers! Have a great time sweetie!

    Many kisses
    Out Of The Box


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