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Hello everyone! It's my second day back to Greece and I still feel jet lagged. The day I was flying was the most exhausting day ever. I almost missed my 6.20 bus to go to the airport, I waited 4 hours for my flight, which by the way had an hour delay with impact to miss my next flight from Munich to Athens, but the airline booked us tickets for the next flight, which at least was the same night. I was lucky enough to meet another Greek girl to keep me company, otherwise I don't know what I would have done. So my nightmare finished at around midnight, where I arrived to Athens airport and all my family was waiting. So happy to see them all!
Anyway, regarding my outfit, most of the garments and accessories are from my latest visit to topshop the other day. Whenever I buy something new I always want to wear it straight away, I bet it happens to you all the time. Well I'm off to the gym now, I have to burn the calories I got by eating pizza and pasta everyday :)

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  1. Loving the white & black with gold accessories. You look great (as usual)!

  2. like :)

  3. This!!!! I'm so in love with your loafers! You are stunning hon!

    Many kisses
    Out Of The Box

  4. Nice detail shot, I love your rings!

    And thanks for commenting on my blog, I appreciate it.

  5. this is a really great look! love the blazer that masquerades as a cape, the statement necklace and stud shoes work in symbiosis on you. by the way thanks for your many comments on my posts, I'm glad you found my blog interesting, I glad I can entertain-

    xx nathan.niche

  6. Adore the black/white combo! And you totally rocked the outfit with those studded loafers! Super duper stylish!

  7. I love the lines and proportions of this outfit! Very structured, and so edgy with those shoes and jewelry! :) <3


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