(guns n roses t-shirt similar here | the ragged priest customized levis shorts from topshop | unif studded loafers here and here | ralph lauren sunnies | zara bag | topman neon bracelets)

My day in London has been a truly adventure. I met my friend Sofia early in the morning and went straight to topshop's personal shopping section for my appointment. We had so much fun in there, exchanging clothes and taking pictures and managed to leave topshop with one big bag each. Later we had lunch in Soho, walked arround Carnaby street and of course we visited my all time favourite hummingbird cupcakes place for a red velvet cupcake, which I miss already. Suddenly many people overtook us, running to a specific direction and we were quite surprised, maybe something was going on and we had no idea. We asked someone what's happening and it was actually the olympic torch passing by the road next the one we were. Because it was very close to us, we decided to go after it but every time, we were missing it for just a couple of minutes. We finally got her by the Buckingham palace and followed it up to Hyde park, where we saw it twice. Then after all this chase, runing up and down London town we went home and were asleep in no time. Well all this happened last week so I got some more pictures to show you from this weeks adventures in the uk, so stay tuned!
I'm off to the airport now. See you soon! xx

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  1. wow!!amazing fotos...! your outfits rocks Rea!
    I like so much your style...
    it seems that u are having such a great time in London... please post some more if u can ;-)

    hope u didn't mind for posting that foto of you...but your fotos are always nobody cannot resist not to "steal" them :-)

    xxx Ros.e.

    1. Of course I don't mind, you can post anything! thank you so much for your kind words, I had a blast in London indeed! much love X

  2. Fantastic photos!!!! Looks like you have had an amazing time! Shopping and being able to see part of the olympics! Fab!

    Jess xx

  3. Looks like you've had fun in London darling and come at the right time when all of the fun and games of the Olympics are happening :)

    Eda ♥

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  4. well ain't that a giant Topshop bag!! I love that leopard print dress & of course those shoes! Glad you had a great time! :)


  5. amazing photos :)


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