gifts from santa

These are some of the most amazing gifts I have ever received at the same time. 
I'll make a post of each one of them very soon.

zara sleeveless faux fur
topshop sleeveless leather jacket
topshop snakeskin print leggings
oversized fur coat from a local store
i pad2
nikon D5100

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  1. you got amazing presents

  2. omg,amazing gifts! you must have been a really good girl this year! :P

  3. wow, awesome! lucky!

  4. gah! lucky girl!
    ps. happy new years to you babes and thanks for all your support and kindness in 2011, means everything! Big love! X

  5. amazing stuff you got there!
    xo Mary

  6. they are some pretty amazing gifts.
    i wish i got a nikon D5100! x.

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feel free to comment, they did!

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