winter beach style

That's one of the tees my beautiful friend Christina from 291venice send me. Even though I wear it very often during my every day life since I got it, I haven't make a post with it before. the truth is I don't know why. A post at the beach is what matches the tees origin, something californian and beacause it's very cold in Athens lately, I couldn't not wear my favourite beannie from topshop! Share your thoughts, how's the weather at your  location?

(topshop beannie and leather, 291venice bull tee, stradivarius jeans)

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  1. You have beautiful hair darling - love it!

    Eda ♥

  2. τελειες! πολυ καλο styling!
    Ματινα :)

  3. hey!!! what's up?
    always a pleasure have your visit in my blog ;)
    I envy you in that beach! I wish I could be in some too... haha...
    nice pics!

  4. beautiful pictures Rea!


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