two years anniversary

Hey you all! 
Today my blog turned 2 years old. 
I want to thank every and each one of you for your support and your lovely comments. 
This is a big mix of pictures from everything I did in the past two years. enjoy :)

last christmas with marisse
with ariela at the scorpions concert
me, eleni, alex and stavros at les deux alpes
with ariela, dressed up as axl and slash
billabong girls surf weekend
paris fashion week march 2011 with zina
posed for a friends project
at hard rock cafe paris march 2011
with my cousin when he was a soldier
mum and I
montmartre paris march 2011
elé, me and effie
stavros and I
the surfettes
me and zina at paris fashion week sept 2011
during pfw sept 2011
surfettes team reunion
whatever you do, do it in style (my motto)
last years new years eve with my cousins
during pfw march 2011
ariela and I in disneyland

eith alexandra
in paris
at my birthday party with lilly and ariela
at pix lax (greek band) concert
walking arround akropolis with elé, effie, her mum and my mum

with my french family, alexander, elé, pierre and fanny
after zenias christening

whatever you do, do it in style. with bf

at hard rock cafe london with silia and kayleigh
slanelle, zina, me andy pfw march 2011
one of my first jumps at les deux alpes
with zenia and marisse uk nov 2011
snow bored?
at uni's fashion show
sabrina and I pfw sept 2011
only surfers at tinos island summer 2010
with kim and zina
dior make-up contest. i was one of the models
abbey road
ny ny party with kim and zina
paros island summer 2010 with alex
with anna and marisse
snapped by stockholm street style pfw march 2011
with natalia
with elena and danae
ewelina, zina and I

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  1. Happy 2 year anniversary and I see Santa was really nice to you!

    Liz Lizo

  2. Very cool overview ! Funny to see the different styles.
    Big fan of Zinas blog aswel
    post : the new dior face

  3. Wow! Happy blog bday!
    I love cool people, and you seem to be one of them ;)
    Keep it up!

  4. happy blog b day, my dear! so many pretty pics of you and wonderful stories, keep up this brilliant work! xx

  5. I love the post.HBD! Take a look at my blog and follow it if you like. I PROMISE TO FOLLOW BACK! We can be blog mates :)

    xx Gopika

  6. happy birthday Surf Addict Fashionista :)wow, i really enjoy this photos, awesome!

    M from

  7. congrats, sweetie!
    i L O V E the pics of your from fashion week/s.


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