paris day 2

I know, I know, I should have posted these days ago, but I was so tired from going around all day, not to tell you about going out at night. I only went clubbing yesterday at the "this is NY" party at Regines. Anyway, my 2nd day in Paris was one of the most tiring, running around from one show to the other, taking pictures and all these in high heels. I first went outside Balmain where all the coolest and most important people normally are and then Rick owens, where I stayed about 20 mins because I had to be at the presentation of Angelos Frentzos, my ex boss's, new collection at Palais de Tokyo. The collection is called "dualistic glows" and you can see the rest of the garments here, I have already picked my favourites! After that I had to literally fly to l' ecole des beaux arts at the Lutz Huelle show, which I absolutely adored! All these layers and shapes, as well as the pointy monochromatic clothes gave a different freshy vibe to the collection. I was already tired enough when the show finished, but Lanvin was right around the corner, so I thought I could make a quick stop. Spotted some very famous people, but paparazzi were pushing so much, just to take one picture.
That's it for now, have a good night rest!

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